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Capezio has introduced a revolutionary tap design that is turning the industry on its heels. Versus the traditional taps that generally haven't changed much in decades, the Capezio Tapsonic features an innovative hollow heel design that is incredibly different. Much like how a music speaker works- using the vibration of air to create sound waves, the Tapsonic's hollow heel acts in a similar way. It uses air to create a big, "bass-ier" sound, even further amplified by specially designed cutouts in the heel. The result is a louder, more vibrant sound unlike an other tap shoe out there!

Additional features include:

Modern toe tap design, with a slight platform to provide better support for tricks and toe stands. TPU sole, durable yet flexible, that is more reflective of sound than leather. Black-on-black, dual suede and leather upper, which gives the shoe an outdated, clean and athletic look.



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