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Ballroom Dancing Dresses Australia

Drawing on our unmatched knowledge of the different styles and types of dance, combined with our passion for everything related to dancing, the talented and committed team at First Class Dancewear pull out all the stops to assist dancers, instructors, and costume designers with the best quality materials, equipment, and products necessary to perform at the highest level. We also administer exceptional quality ballroom dancing dresses Australia to ensure that you will astonish at your next dancing function and stand out!


Our superior products and accessories have been selected based on the quality of their design, the freedom and comfort they provide the wearer, and how effective they are in aiding the dancers. Going hand-in-hand with the movement of the style of dance being performed, our ballroom dancing dresses Australia are considered an extension that enhances the grace and performance of the ballroom dancing experience.


Buy Dresses for Ballroom, Tango, Cocktail Dresses, Ball Dresses, Formal Gowns and Evening Wear at the best online prices guaranteed shipped to your door from First Class Dancewear.  We are a proudly Australian owned and operated business situated in Brisbane.  We house only the world's top and utmost renowned brands for formal wear, evening wear, dance training, competition and performance. When you are in the market seeking leading ballroom dancing dresses Australia, your mind should pinpoint to one and only one company - First Class Dancewear. With our safe online checkout you are well on your way to purchasing a phenomenal ballroom dancing dress! Contact us today for more information.


Committed to meeting the specific needs and requirements of our customers across the country the reputable dance experts at First Class Dancewear can get you ready for any dancing event. Our fully-stocked online ballet and dance store allows customers throughout Australia the opportunity to access high-quality products they may otherwise not have the ability to purchase. To find out more about our superior range of beautiful and durable dance supplies call us today!