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At only 3.9 oz, Vengeance will forever change the world of cheerleading. If you thought 6 oz was light, wait until you feel this! Nfinity's most advanced technology was used to ensure a long life for the shoe and a better performance for you. It also features comfort fit cushions in the heel so that the lightweight and durable Vengeance is, of course, cozy. Nfinity's most amazing shoe ever has a cutting-edge look complete with signature bubble laces all inside of a black and fire red case, ready for you to take your vengeance.

Signature Nfinity® Shoe Case in Black. 3.9 oz - the lightest, most comfortable cheer shoe ever. A nylon mesh upper with interior and exterior skeleton, designed to give you better fit without sacrificing weight. Open mesh see through upper lets you customize your look by wearing a coloured sock. Bottom has both outsole grade EVA and phylon pads to ensure durability. Three rubber pads at the bottom strategically placed in high wear areas. Cutting edge sculpted barefoot look with just enough colour. Signature bubble laces for laces that stay a colored sock.


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